Hey, that's me in the middle, there!

I'm a podcaster, video producer, composer and writer living in Austin, TX.

I do a comedy podcast called My Brother, My Brother and Me, which was adapted into a TV show for Seeso in 2017.

I also do a bunch of other podcasts with my friends and family.

I was chosen as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 for the Media category in 2017, which I'm still kind of in shock about.

I'm a Senior Editorial Producer over at Polygon, which is a long-winded way of saying I make goofy videos for them full time. I also occasionally do a bit of writing.

Uhhhh what else

I've written a bunch of music for a podcast I make called The Adventure Zone. I've done a bit of voice acting, which was really fun! In 2008 I worked for MTV covering the election from my home state of West Virginia. From 2007 to 2012, I wrote for Joystiq, a gaming blog that AOL used to own. When I was like eight, I was in a local Emmy-award winning PSA titled "Peace on the Playground." I don't think I really needed to include that, but, hey!

I'm married to Rachel, who I do a podcast with as well. We've got a pretty great son named Henry. Look at this little goblin. 

Alright, back to business.

Here are a bunch of places that have written about the stuff I've helped make: The New York Times, The Verge, Forbes, GQ, Pitchfork, PasteBrooklyn Magazine, The AV Club, UPROXX, Broadway World, Movies with Mikey, NY Mag, The Mary Sue, Splitsider, Nerdist, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and The Herald Dispatch.

I think that's it! Enjoy the website.